The Mohegan Tribal Council has and will continue investing resources, partnering with global health
and safety experts, and exceeding state and federal safety
guidelines in order to protect our Tribal citizens, our 20,000 employees, and all
visitors to our reservation.

Your Safety and Experience

Leadership from the Mohegan Tribe and Mohegan Sun have been working around the clock to put proven, science-based safety procedures in place to protect you while you’re back at play. These preparations are based on our experience and expertise across our nine global destinations that attract 25 million visitors in six states and three countries.

We're all in this together

In this global pandemic, what we do right now affects our friends and neighbors in the weeks to come. That’s why Mohegan Sun is doing all the right things: reopening in carefully planned phases, collaborating with state and local health officials on testing, contact tracing, freely sharing data, meeting and exceeding health standards, and flattening the curve.

Keeping the eastern Connecticut economy alive

So many families depend on Mohegan Sun reopening. We feel it’s our responsibility to make sure that our local small business partners and their staff survive this economic crisis and have access to income and health care—we won’t sleep soundly until they can. So we’ve put all of our resources into safely restarting our section of the economy.

Here’s an overview of the health and social distancing guidelines we’ll all follow on the property to keep each other safe and healthy.

Thanks for playing it safe!

In the wake of COVID-19, Mohegan Tribe has instituted the following new policies at Mohegan Sun:

  • Health and safety procedures, including cleaning and physical distancing, will be strictly followed both in front-of-house and back-of-house areas
  • Masks will be required for guests and masks and gloves are mandatory for team members
  • Disposable masks offered at no charge for all visitors
  • Team members have required training on personal safety measures to keep themselves and our guests healthy
  • Our plan includes higher staffing levels, including security personnel on the gaming floor, to enforce compliance with our plan requirements, including no congregating to assure physical distancing. Further, adherence to our plan will be monitored through our surveillance cameras

Before visitors even begin play, we are taking unprecedented steps to minimize risk:

  • Provide non-invasive temperature checks and ensure that any visitor or team member with a temperature of 99.9 is re-screened
  • Require a pre-screening questionnaire (prepared by the Mohegan Health Department in consultation with its Chief Medical Director) to visitors to determine whether they are at higher risk
  • Advise those over the age of 65 or with high-risk conditions to not visit Mohegan Sun at this time. This advisory will be on our electronic signage throughout the property.
  • Prohibit busses from dropping off visitors, including those busses from within Connecticut
  • Cease all advertising to New York and Massachusetts

Utilizing advanced technology and the best tools to ensure a clean environment for team members and guests:

  • Engineer state-of-the-art our ventilation systems to be set to 100% outside air and 100% exhaust air in order to achieve the highest possible air exchange rate inside of all areas of our property, and make certain that all air handlers and duct work throughout the complex have been completely fogged with disinfectant
  • Require active decontamination by fogging of every room after guest check-out in addition to our thorough disinfecting measures during room turnover
  • Ensure that hand sanitizer stations will be easily accessible through the entire property
  • Make hand sanitizer stations available for all table games for use during play
  • Provide disinfecting wipes throughout the gaming floor, and guests will be encouraged to wipe down slot machines, chairs and rails before play 

Rearrange, retrofit and install new resources to ensure team members and guests stay at least 6 feet apart:

  • Turn off every other slot machine, and in certain areas two slot machines will be turned off, leaving the third available
  • Change seating at table games to allow for safe distances between players
  • Install temporary plexiglass will be placed at transactional locations
  • Display signs on elevators will encourage guests and team members to practice physical distancing (including a recommended limit of four riders per car)
  • Close every other sink and urinal in all restrooms will be available for use

Stopping Large Convenings:

  • Ban smoking indoors during initial opening period; Guests will be able to smoke in approved outdoor smoking areas
  • Offer guest seating in dining room areas within a restaurant, will offer guest seating in patio areas for dining
  • Adhere to the current max gathering numbers set forth by the CDC and will not host any large events that are not in compliance
  • Close the Poker Room, the Race Book, and the Seasons Buffet until further notice